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Body shaping for a more masculine appearance

What is the Perfect Male Body?

I’ve attempted to do some research to find the answer to this question. Now obviously the answer in many people’s eyes would vary largely depending on the person you ask. I strongly doubt that there can be one strong and fast definition of the perfect male body. But there are places where you can find so called perfect male body measurements and proportions. Honestly though, I think you should sit down and figure out for YOU what you believe to be the body you would want to attain.

Now as far as traits that make a body more masculine or feminine, that’s a lot easier to pin down. So what are the visual and physical differences that influence the way people read others as either masculine or feminine? I believe its all muscle and bone structure, and the muscle can be manipulated through physical exercise to achieve a certain desired shape. Bone on the other hand is not changeable for the most part. So Lets concentrate on the muscular differences:

Men tend to have thicker necks than women, as well as broader shoulders and a generally more muscular frame. Men, or fit men at least, have a definite V-taper, meaning their shoulders and back taper down to their small waist. For women, they tend to be softer featured and not as strong or defined, unless they work out quite a bit, and they have more of an hourglass figure in my opinion. Their shoulders taper down to their waist and flare back out to their hips. But even when women are in good condition, their muscles don’t have the ability to get as big as men’s or grow as quickly as men’s.

Now in the case of FTM’s trying to obtain a more masculine body shape, they have to work around the fact that most were born with a feminine body shape, such as wider hips and smaller shoulders. On testosterone, many FTM’s I believe, if they work towards it, will be able to see good gains in the gym for achieving a masculine figure. Even those not on Testosterone will still have the ability to try and change their body shape to be more masculine. But dont be mistaken, even on T, its hard work. But honestly, very very worth it. In my opinion at least. So lets take a look at the muscles we need to work and how to work them to get you that V-taper and get rid of that hourglass figure.

The goal of the FTM bodybuilder should be to widen your upper body while trying to minimize your waist. To do this will take a combination of weight training, cardio, and a good nutrition plan.

Now to widen your upper body you’ll need to concentrate on your back, neck and shoulders. Shoulders and back appear to be the most important for that wide appearance though. Specifically your lats for your back and all heads of the shoulder muscle.

As far as minimizing your waist, I believe you need to try and keep off as much body fat as you can, as it tends to collect on your hips in female bodied persons. If you’re on T, this may or may not be an issue for you though, but for those who are not, it’s probably a lot more important.

Other masculine features tend to be well defined arms. Not just biceps though. Biceps, triceps, and forearms all help make up a well defined, strong arm.

Also well defined calves and legs tend to help in my opinion. Especially if are considering trying to add quite a bit of size to your upper body, you’re going to want to try to keep your body in proportion. Otherwise you will probably end up looking a bit odd with giant upper body muscles and little tiny chicken legs.

As far as abs go, working on them to get them more defined and thicker wont be a big problem, you just don’t want them to get real wide, because that will interfere with making you look broader and obtaining that V-taper.

And of course the chest is a big deal to a lot of FTM’s. If you have breast tissue, and you thicken up those muscles underneath, I think it could make that tissue protrude a little more, but losing fat and a good diet would help to minimize that. And if you bind, I doubt it would be a problem. Those looking to have top surgery will definitely want to pay good attention to building up a well proportioned and defined chest. The better shape you are in, the easier the surgeon can contour your chest on top of the muscle to be more male appearing.

So obviously all muscles are going to be important, but the most important for that wider more masculine appearance are the shoulders, back and a small waistline.

I hope this article provided some insight into helping you figure out what you want out of your body, and I will be posting more articles and detailed descriptions of how to work each and every muscle group I listed here, and draw up some sample workouts for you to try here in the near future. Please comment and let me know what you think and if there’s anything you’d like to know or let me know feel free to contact me at:

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